“because why on earth not”

– Cenéa Whiteley

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Lavender & Callebaut Mousse with Biscotti Crumble

If you’re new here, what you need to know is that I am not a chef. I do however, cook for my restaurant. Apparently you need that qualification to call yourself a chef.
So, I, Cenéa the Not-Chef, spend my spare time scouring the internet for recipes to test, learn and improve. I take my knowledge of the functions and behaviours of ingredients, and use that to make my own core recipes.
Then, once mastered, I add a little Cenéa. A little lavender here. A little rose there. A sprinkle of pistachio to the left.
You get me.


The Baked Cheesecake Recipe

In the Pistachio, Rose & White Chocolate Cheesecake recipe, I referenced this recipe – which I hadn’t posted yet.
It got really cold and my fingers were frozen. It’s winter here in South Africa. It is currently 7°C. This doesn’t happen in Durban. It must be all the smoke from us burning our own country to the ground that is preventing the trusty Winter Sun from getting through


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