The Baked Cheesecake Recipe

In the Pistachio, Rose & White Chocolate Cheesecake recipe, I referenced this recipe – which I hadn’t posted yet.

It got really cold and my fingers were frozen. It’s winter here in South Africa. It is currently 7°C. This doesn’t happen in Durban. It must be all the smoke from us burning our own country to the ground that is preventing the trusty Winter Sun from getting through.

I like to substantiate excuses with state-wide war explanations.

Kidding – here’s the core cheesecake batter recipe.

800g cream cheese, room temperature
115g sour cream, room temperature
2 full eggs, room temperature
3 egg yolks, room temperature
1.5 cans (575g) condensed milk, room temperature
½ teaspoon of salt, sifted
30g all purpose flour
10ml vanilla essence, room temperature

1. Using a hand blender, whisk the creamed cheese until completely smooth.
2. Add the sour cream, and whisk until completely smooth.
3. Add the condensed milk, and pulse until mixed through.
Don’t overbeat the mixture.
3. Add the salt and vanilla extract, mix until incorporated.
4. Sprinkle in the flour gradually, and slowly whisk until mixed in thoroughly.
The flour will absorb some of the moisture from the condensed milk and sour cream. Remember to scrape the bottom of the bowl with a spatula when mixing in dry ingredients to mix in properly.
5. Pulse in each full egg one at a time.
Pulsing will reduce overbeating and introducing air bubbles that cause cracks.
6. Pulse in each egg yolk, one at a time in the same was as Step 5.
7. Pour batter onto a base of your choice in a springform pan
8. Place in the centre of the oven, on a flat tray with water in it.
Yes – in the water. If your springform pan has been properly waterproofed, we’re sorted. We’re gonna be okay.
9. Bake for 40 minutes, or until the edges are cooked, but the middle of the cheesecake is still jiggly.
The consistency of panna cotta for about  of the mixture (centre-outward) is perfectly okay. The cheesecake will still cook with the existing heat, and then firm in the fridge.
10. Let the cheesecake cool until room temperature, out of the oven.
11. Let the cheesecake then set in the fridge until well cold.


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