Lavender, Honey & White Chocolate Sauce

A necessary ingredient for the Mini White Chocolate & Lavender Cheesecake, this sauce is also great for pouring over just about anything you want to.

Drizzle a crumpet, go on.


250g white chocolate
125ml cream
2 teaspoons butter
6-10 lavender flowers
2 drops lavender essence
1 tablespoon honey

Together, now:
1. Bring cream to boil with lavender.
2. Remove from heat, and remove lavender.
You don’t need to remove the lavender. I didn’t. I liked the colour.
3. Fold in chocolate, honey, essence and butter until melted.
Do this slowly. The cream will still thicken even off the heat and while stirring slowly. Stirring too fast will release heat – the heat will thicken the sauce though evaporation.
4. Whisk gently until smooth.
5. Store in a jar or something similar.
6. Let cool.

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